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Defender Bumper


The New Defender is an awesome off-road adventure tool, and deserves the best.  We designed our all aluminum, 3/16" plate welded bumpers, Steel multi-point mounted winch plate, Swing away tire and jerry can holder and toughened steel sliders to be the best protection kit in the world without compromising the look of this beautiful truck.  No where else will you find the combination of build quality, seamless integration (yes all the sensors and cameras work), and sleek look of a New Defender bumper.  


After literally tens of thousands of miles of testing, we are happy to offer the bumper to a limited group of enthusiasts this year! If you are interested in a Front bumper, winch mount system, rear bumper or sliders, please contact us and we can discuss.  Since we are a custom shop and design the bumpers ourselves, we can also customize the bumper look, color, features, light mounting, etc to help make your truck truly custom and ready for YOUR next no-compromise adventure.

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