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new Defender Bumper

The New Defender is an awesome off-road adventure tool, and deserves the best.  We designed our all aluminum, 3/16" plate welded bumpers, Steel multi-point mounted winch plate, Swing away tire and jerry can holder and toughened steel sliders to be the best protection kit in the world without compromising the look of this beautiful truck.
No where else will you find the combination of build quality, seamless integration (yes all the sensors and cameras work), and sleek look of a New Defender bumper.

latest Projects

sK (sleepingKids) overland

SKOverland was born after a family three week trip from Atlanta to New Mexico in 2020 turned into a 14,000 mile, three month Overland Adventure.  Both Zach and Addison brought their families, which included a one year old, three year old and five year old.  Roughly half of the trip was on dirt or unimproved roads, some of which got pretty gnarly, and it always seemed that the kids decided to fall asleep when we were on the roughest parts of the trails!  More than once Addison's wife had to sit in the rear middle seat holding the kids heads from bobbling around too much while napping and traversing through the wilderness of some of the great western states.

SKOverland is focused on providing quality CUSTOM off road gear and vehicle builds for YOU, the highly discerning off road and overland enthusiast.  We don't sell other people's gear, and we are not a shop that just sells bolt-on parts to help you look cool. We focus on providing you with fully custom gear and builds to make your 4x4, off-road or overland vehicle the absolute best and truly one of a kind.

If you are looking for something custom that meets your unique needs,
we are your shop!