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Extreme Potato


Now this is an overlanding truck!  Extreme Potato (EP for short), is a no-compromise build.  Everything on this truck is modified or custom.  We started with a base model M1079 Shop van truck.  The truck has a 7 speed automatic Allison transmission connected to a Caterpillar 3116 Engine with 275HP and roughly 850 ft-lbs of torque.  We upgraded the turbo and manifold, and increased the power to around 350HP and just over 1000 ft-lbs of torque.  We then upgraded the alternator using a dual alternator unit that is capable of a total of 275 amps output.  The original air system was removed and replaced with two off-road excavator-type air cleaners, so we could nestle the camper box closer to the cab for a shorter pass-through.  We also replaced the differentials with higher speed gearing, and added a mechanical rear locker to the truck to compliment the electronic locking center diff.


The cab was lined with Level 7 AR500 armor plating, adn the front windscreen was removed and replaced with a level 9, 2.75" thick bullet resistance composite glass panel.  The roll-up windows were replaced with polycarbonate, and the rear quarters also received the level 9 bullet resistant upgrade.  

The custom bumper houses a 30klb 24v winch, and the custom rack holds roughly 3000w of LEDs, two air horns, and a 500lb crane for lifting the 400lb 48" spare tire onto the roof.  The suspension was upgraded with custom FOX shocks and heavy duty cab air ride springs.  We also did a complete sand-blast of the frame and coat in a chassis black paint.  

Coming up the truck will be receiving a full custom aluminum dash, headliner and interior with load and loads of electronics.  The custom 16.5' aluminum camper shell will also incorporate level 3 fiberglass bullet proof panels, 1800w of solar, 1200AH of lithium house batteries, and a whole complement of luxury upgrades to make truly the ultimate overland apocalypse camper!

Stay tuned here for updates as we continue this rediculout overland camper build!

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